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FireBeard and his very supportive partner reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota and are legal homegrowers who grow cannabis in living organic soil for full melt hash and hash rosin. We want to share the process, our progress and and the passion for solventless in the hopes that we can help curious Minnesota medical and recreational cannabis users know more about this amazing plant and the benfits of solventless consumption


Words and terms surrounding cannabis, extracts, and usage


Resin is a problem word in cannabis in that it means different things depending on context. In broadest terms the resin is the cannabanoids, terpenes and flavanoids contained within the trichome. The medicinal effects of cannabis come from the resin. On the market their is a second usage which is "Live Resin" (NOT "Live Rosin") - this means resin extracted from fresh frozen cannabis using hydrocarbon solvent such as butane or propane. This causes lots of confusion for the consumer, but if a product says Resin on it, it likely is NOT a solventless product

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Understand the science behind solventless extraction. See how we preserve purity and potency.

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